Our purpose is to provide a safe, welcoming, fun, social and holistic space free of drugs and alcohol.


Our Beginning

The club first got its start with a meeting of mutual friends. As the idea grew we found the space and achieved out goal of becoming a non-profit.

The vision was to have a drug and alcohol free environment for people in the New Haven area. We feel that offering an environment free of drugs and alcohol creates a safe space that can be challenging to find.

Over time we have had many people come and go. Our vision has always been the same, to have the club available as a place of fellowship for recovery. We are looking at expanding the board and hope to have more people involved while maintaining our vision.  


“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”

– Zen proverb


Our Mission


To build a community that values sobriety, recovery, healing and growth; to provide support and fellowship to those recovering from addiction and trauma. 


Get Involved

If you live near the club or anywhere in the New Haven area, we are looking for you!  We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. There is a rotation in roles, but we always need help. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them to help keep our club open.